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All eyes are on you this New Year so you know what to do to hold that gaze.

Slim your face and add height to your cheekbones by using a bronzer,contour color and blush. If your face needs slimming and you can’t see where your cheekbones are after the past festivities, then draw your face in. Where you see the indention under said cheekbone, you’ll want to add bronzer to create more depth. Then after applying bronzer, you’ll want to add blush to give a slimming effect.  Start with the apple of your cheeks, add from each cheek to your temples; this is how to create a lift and the illusion of a high cheekbone.  Follow these facial slimming secrets and lip-enhancing techniques from Jade Martinez, Moonstar cosmetics founder, to keep them entranced all year long.

Bring out your best pout and they’ll never look away. Woman who have big lips tend to look for shades to minimize the fullness while those with small lips want full luscious smackers. If your petite mouth wants to get noticed, then stay away from dark shades and use bright light colors to bring attention to that kissing machine. If your full lips are in the mood to hide, then use darker shades like brown and deep reds; also, use a dark lipliner to give your most noticeable feature a thinner appearance. If you are looking for that extra boost, then find cosmetics that contain collagen and peptides like Moonstar Cosmetics below.

All you need to know about Lip Gloss

newlipA fresh new lip gloss that contains collagen peptides to increase lip volume and reduce lip wrinkles, while, doubling as an amazing moisturizer. These collagen peptides rapidly speed up cell renewal to increase lip size safely and painlessl

A whisper lightweight treatment, that is luxuriously moisture-rich comfortable to wear, and never sticky. The gloss creates a super natural, luscious look. Available in these new fashion-forward, innovative shades; hues of peach, pink, and bronze.


Net Weight .14 fl oz / 4.37ml
Made In USA
Key points to remember
Contains collagen peptides which increases lip volume
Reduces lip wrinkles
Doubles as a treatment
Feels smooth and light on the lips, comfortable to wear, and never sticky
Will not feather or bleed
No stinging sensation

Products that contain building ingredients on the cellular level will eventually add volume and help combat fine lines and wrinkles that appear around lips as we age, especially smokers.

Here’s how to give cheeks a lift. If you need a little help, then add a little shimmer to any area you want enhanced. Be careful not to use too much because it will also enhance any feature, including fine lines. Only use a little to give a extra lifted effect or it will be too shiny and can ruin the whole look. Bronzer may also be used to slim your chin, as well. When blending, make sure you cover the area from the chin to the chest. Eyes are the window to your soul so let them shine naturally by allowing them to pop with these simple tricks. If you have small eyes and want them to look bigger, you never use dark on the eyelid. Light colors open the eye and dark closes them out. Add a deep color for that crease and a light color on the lid and don’t forget to use a highlighter to give that extra lift under the brow bone; that will also give the illusion of a larger eye. Using white eyeliner can also give that awake, open-eyed appearance. Mascara can be used only on top lashes to give an extra elongated effect. Contour-shaped eyes usually are large; you can then add light to the eyelid and dark from the crease to highlight the area under the brow. Then apply highlighter from the crease to the brow line, giving a high defined look.


More alluring looks this week when we bring in the celebrities and their makeup looks and talk about the Oscars and what is trending this year on the red carpet. You can Facebook me at Moonstar Cosmetics and




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