Before They Were Famous: Duck Dynasty stars without beards

Celebrities / Film & TV / Latest News / October 17, 2013
As we know them today

As we know them today 

Their reality show is unstoppable, with the fourth season premiere of “Duck Dynasty” shattering records with 11.8 million viewers, turning it into the most-watched non-fiction series telecast in cable TV history.

But before the fame and resulting fortunes, the Robertsons were just your average family — and they still are, according to friends of the family.

One thing that is different, however, is their appearance.

Life & Style has obtained this never-before-seen family photo taken back in 2001 — with surprisingly clean-shaven faces, and wow, what a difference.

The family before they hit the big time

The family before they hit the big time

But beards or no beards aside, the clan has pretty much kept their feet firmly on the ground.

“They’ve all stayed pretty much the same over the years, even with the fame and fortune,” the insider explains. “They’re all so grounded.” That’s no easy feat considering that the family is poised to net $45 million from their duck-call business in 2013 alone.

“Willie has always been the jokester of the family,” says the insider. “Alan is the only one who kept the clean-cut look. And Jase and Jep have always been quieter and more reserved than their brother Willie.” But it seems time is standing still for their mom. “Kay looks even younger now than she did back then!”

Kim lost 70lbs...huh, really?

Kim lost 70lbs…huh, really?

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