Behind the velvet rope: Inside the 18th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

Celebrities / January 11, 2013


Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2013Want to know exactly what went down inside the 18th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards? Well we have the lowdown….

Guests arrived at the Red Carpet at 3pm and enjoyed a two hour pre-awards reception at the Santa Monica Barker Hangar. The large airport hangar was expansive and dramatic, providing an unusual and exciting venue for the Show and Reception. Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte bottles adorned the entire main bar display, spanning the entire length of the Hangar. Guests sipped champagne, ate passed appetizers, and took silly photos in the photo booth.

Scoop During Show:

-Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Amanda Seyfried, Nina Dobrev, John Hawkes were all drinking Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte

– Bradley Cooper (grey suit) was seen talking to Amy Adams (white halter dress with blue skirt) in the audience during a commercial break. He was overheard asking her if she is alright

– Elle Fanning (white sequined dress with floral adornment) was seen walking through the ceremony looking upset, not smiling

– During Anne Hathaway’s acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress, she (floor length sequined champagne gown) announced that they had misspelled her name on the screen, spelling “Ann”. She then proceeded to say it was rather gauche of her to point out the misspelling during her announcement speech

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2013

– Nina Dobrev (electric blue sequined cocktail dress with a flared skirt) was overheard telling someone, “I got it. I am fine”

– George Clooney was seen laughing and enjoying himself at his table – girlfriend Stacy Keibler was no-where in sight!

– Naomi Watts (floor length black gown with black leather jacket/throw) accidentally bumped into a waiter. She apologized afterwards!

– Matthew McConaughey was drinking red wine. He looked thin, tired, and his hair looked greasy

– Anne Hathaway was drinking cocktails (lime, vodka). She told the woman she was talking to that the woman smelled like peonies; Anne said she needed some perfume because was not wearing any

– Joaquin Phoenix looked serene and calm at his table and remained seated throughout most of the show

– Molly Sims (long sleeved purple gown) looked regal with a large top bun. She appeared extremely serious throughout the Awards

– Nina Dobrev was seen sitting with a glass of champagne and chatting intensely with her neighbor. An image was taken of Nina and Ian gazing at each other, with a bottle of CNF in the frame

– Ben Affleck was EXTREMELY animated throughout the evening…

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2013


– Rebel Wilson (sparkly grey dress) overheard telling a crowd of men that she is extremely strong

– Jennifer Lawrence (stunning black cut-out gown with leather accents) did not appear to be drinking throughout the Awards Show

– Christian Bale gazed happily and serenely at wife Sibi Blazic for most of the show and kept his arm around her. One hand held a glass of champagne for most of the evening, while the other held her!

– Helen Hunt did not look very happy throughout the evening

– Jessica Chastain (ruby red gown with jewel encrusted straps/back) was glowing both before and after her win as Best Actress. She was holding hands with a friend/manager as she was pulled through the crowd after the festivities.

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2013

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