Deeply remorseful, David Petraeus breaks his silence: ‘I screwed up terribly’

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Nearly a week ago,  David Petraeus life was publicly torn apart as he revealed he had an affair and subsequently stepped down from his role as director of CIA.

Now, after the scandal has dominated the news 24/7, Petraeus has broken his silence, revealing that he is determined to fight to save his marriage of 37 years.

Petraeus, speaking with HLN reporter  Kyra Phillips, said he stepped down as he was deeply remorseful about the affair  and the only honourable thing left to do was to admit his failings

According to her conversations with Petraeus to HLN on Thursday, Phillips said he was now  focusing on repairing the damage inflicted on his family, including his two  adult children, Anne and  Stephen.

He admitted to her that he had “screwed up  terribly” and that he “felt fortunate to have a wife who is far better than he deserves,” Phillips said.

Petraeus also revealed he has not spoken to his  mistress, Paula Broadwell, since the scandal emerged and denied he had ever given her classified military documents.

He maintained that his shock resignation on Friday had nothing to do with hearings about the terrorist attack on the U.S.  consulate in Benghazi, which he was due to testify at this week.


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