Exclusive! Celebrity Fitness Trainer Jay Darrell Ingleton hits back at claims Cameron Diaz is too muscular, saying: “She looks great, very feminine”

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Hello, my name is Jay Darrell Ingleton, JDI for short! I have been working as a London-based fitness instructor since December 1996. I also do personal  training as well!

My speciality is martial arts with over 25 years training, and I’m proudly nicknamed “the awesome kicking machine” by the legendary Chuck Norris, which is quite a compliment given his stature. I’m also known for my core workouts for which you can view on my youtube channel.

For my first article for celebzter.com, I would like to stick up for a mate of mine, she is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood….

Over recent months Cameron Diaz has received her fair share of criticism in regards to her passion for working out! Some people have said she has gone too far, or posed that question to their readers. It seems to me, some people get intimidated by a woman who looks in great shape and has an aura of confidence about herself.

I would like to counter some of the things that have been said about Cameron! First, I think you should know I know Cameron personally- I met her in London in one of the gyms I teach my exercise classes at, which is near the house she has bought here.

At first I didn’t realize it was her as I was working out, as I was deep into my training zone. I was going through my abdominal workout when she came into the gym. which was unusually quiet at the time of day.

The first thing I was struck by was her aura… she has an amazing energy. And, as she walked into the gym, she looked like a model. After I had finished my ab training I made my way to the other end of the gym and Cameron and I kind of met in the middle!

I stopped, as I briefly thought I recognized her but couldn’t place her face. It was quite funny, and I must have come across as rude, as I stared at Cam trying to figure out where I knew her from.

After what must have been 30 seconds and me obviously not recognizing her, Cameron smiled!!! As soon as Cameron smiled (think the movie the Mask and Cameron’s smile is truly amazing), I realized who I was staring at… at that point I shouted out (not thinking, really) “Cameron Diaz is in the gym!” After which, instead of her running away, she reached her hand out towards me and asked me my name. Without hesitation, I held her hand and said “Jay” at the same time, thinking “my god I’m touching Cameron Diaz’s hand”. As a red-blooded straight guy, I was in heaven, I must say.

I found Cameron to be incredibly down-to-earth, with a real vibe for life… and she is obviously incredibly intelligent.

Physically, Cameron looks like an athlete and has the body type to tone up very easily, which is what most women would die for. Look at women in track and field sports and you can see Cameron’s body type.

Now, some people are put off by “fit women” and that probably comes down to an image they have been force-fed or influenced unknowingly by, but to me, she looks great. She’s very feminine and ladylike without a doubt!

Cameron sure knows her way around a gym and, I have to be honest, after I realized who she was, I couldn’t focus on my workout as I would normally do… but it wasn’t just a normal day.

I could tell Cameron is quite competitive when it comes to working out as she was checking me out as I was going through my personal workout exercises, and I of course, I couldn’t resist checking her out as she did her squats. Cameron finished her workout before I finished mine and as she left the gym, she said my name… which I found to be really quite touching!

Add to that, she really looked like a “Charlie’s Angel” in her workout gear and I can honestly say, I will never forget meeting Cameron Diaz, even if I didn’t realize who she was at first sight.

About Jay
 Jay Darrell Ingleton  -  London-based Group Fitness Instructor
                                    Personal Trainer
                                    Pro Mixed Martial Arts Fighter
You can check out Jay’s work here and follow him on twitter.
For more information on his work, you can also view him on Facebook @ Jay Darrell Ingleton Celebrity Personal Trainer and @YouTube Channel  Jay Darrell ingleton

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Melissa Myers has worked as an entertainment journalist for ten years, both in London and New York. She has done a daily gossip column on British newspaper the Daily Star where she interviewed everyone from Tom Cruise and George Clooney to Simon Cowell and Jennifer Lopez. She also worked as the News Director of In Touch in New York for the past six years, before launching her own site www.celebzter.com, which aims to provide smart content for smart women.
Melissa Myers has worked as an entertainment journalist for ten years, both in London and New York. She has done a daily gossip column on British newspaper the Daily Star where she interviewed everyone from Tom Cruise and George Clooney to Simon Cowell and Jennifer Lopez. She also worked as the News Director of In Touch in New York for the past six years, before launching her own site www.celebzter.com, which aims to provide smart content for smart women.
  • Lunar

    I totally agree with you Jay.  I don’t think these ‘people’ that hit out at her qualify to have an opinion.  She is a fit, healthy individual who can choose how she wishes to train and what she wishes to look like.  The people who hit out at her are usually the jealous types.  Or those that worship the ‘waif’ look.  The women who all sit with osteoporosis by age 50…look terrible in underwear due to all the ‘bones’.  They call her too muscular???….what a petty, rediculous bunch of toads.  Go Cameron.  You look fantastic!

    • reality check much?

      I think anyone reading what Jay said would do well to do a little background check on him. The man had a long track record for his delusional ramblings. He has far suppassed just being a “troll” or a wind up,and for those who kbnow, its obvious each time he speaks how detatched from reality he is. The man is a laughing stock in the martial arts community to some,whilst others see the sad lonely insecure person he is.
      Get well soon Jay,i wont hold my breath.

      • Shiro86

         What the f”"k? What are you on? A big can of haterade!!!!
         Calm down there son, we know your a jealous never be,
         we get the point, man what are there nobody trolls like..

        • Karl A1111

          “Haterade” – Classic JDI, the only person who uses this term apart from fanatical kids who watch too much x games.
          Can you please tell me if im the stalker,how comes you are very statistically sound when it comes to the deluded dwarfs life? How mant fb likes,you tube account etc.
          Also, if you are not jay, id like to hear your view as to why so many negative things people have said on here about him?
          Heres what i think: you will completely ignore my request and spout some shit about how im a loser,along with a quick point out of 1 of Jays “amazing” accomplishments- kicking machine blabla. Get to fuck jay you little clown,your not fooling anyone – Shit,fake ,midget troll is shit. Go on use another name on here,tiny fame hungery little mug :)

          • Shiro86

             People this poor fool is a attention seeker! He probably
            thinks in his tiny head the article is about him! He so jealous
            he thinks he is important lol.. Dumb stupid ass, yes you, it
            tells you (moron) the facebook likes on here!!!!! This guy
            is a no mark nobody who really wants attention from his
            mummy but even she can’t be bothered! You untelligent
            dick! You got a girlfriend yet.. If so very I pity the fool lol

          • Shiro86

             Also don’t for 1 minute  think this imbecile knows JDI!!!
            Its part of his condition where he thinks people will like him if
            he acts like he knows him.. Very deluded, notice how the
            idiot actually thinks he is preaching the truth to us? Well
            mr deluded why don’t you go and get a website like this to
            put up an article from you? Come Mr I know it all dumb ass,
            lets see how many likes you get, not including you and your
            stupid ass troll friends, over 1100 likes and a handful of trolls
            ( 5 ) and they think their important, like they matter??? Do
            the maths you imbecille. Now go and preach to your stupid
            ass troll friends.

          • Karl A1111

            Completly ignore my request: CHECK
            “daring” me to post an article because theres no0 way anyone would care about me is there? because im a loser?: CHECK
            Reference to one of Jays “amazing” feats with the facebook likes: CHECK

            Jay, now if anyone reads are previous correspondance,especially the last couple where i predicted your idiotic response, it is now blatantly obvious that you are posting as a random stranger sticking up for yourself as if a third party. That my friend is a mental health issue – not to mention fucking embarassing.
            Also,”complete stranger to Jay” please indulge me, why on earth would you be sooooo emotional and passionate about someone you dont know?

            Ladies and gentleman, i give you JAydarrellIngleton. hahahahahaha! :)

          • Shiro86

            You are a idiot hater not even a clever one..
            ladies and gentlemen???? I told you he thinks
            its about him and he’s the star of tHe show lol.
            Totally deranged,thinking that anyone who
            isn’t a idiot like him must be JDI!!!
            He probably thinks its him who is attracting
            all the hits on the article lol.. What a complete
            wanker! I don’t see your name in the article
            son, get over it but your way too stupid to lol!

          • Karl A1111

            oh sorry are you not Jay? you know a disturbing amout about him- tell me, what do you know about his dealings with Sophie anderton or Transvestites? because i done a simple google search and found out that he is quite partial to one and the other sacked him for being….you seen his comments about watching Cameron Diaz squatting right?

          • Shiro86

            Oh what a complete moron you are! You are severely stupid. Lol this has got to be the ultimate dumb ass troll lol! Pity this nobody as he surely needs the attention aaaaaaahhhh, note how he now thinks he is the centre of attention?! Yet the likes are over 1200 now on the article.. Loser! He has now shown himself to be the complete hater he obviously is..
            Get a life you idiot!

          • Karl A1111

            Wow you are really taking someone elses criticism really to heart. If i didnt know better, you would think it was against you.3 questions- just for comedy gold factor as we all know the answers anyway. 1- are you Jay?
            2.If not, why are you taking sooo much time out of your life to defend him?
            3. Did you do that google search i said? what u think of his sacking and love of trannys?

          • http://www.celebzter.com Melissa

            To everyone….i have been looking and looking at these comments…hmmm….i guess, take a look at the rest of the site.hmmm…..

  • Bobbybumder

    Jay, crawl back into your hole, no-one cares what you a “celeb chaser” thinks, unless we ask Sophie Anderton of course…… lets hear her side of things.

    • Shiro86

       Er troll, he has over 1100 likes on facebook over this article! So its
      plainly obvious that people care what he thinks.. You sad idiot!!

  • Chris

    Pro MMA fighter? 
    Technically correct, but a bit misleading, no?  You’ve spent less than one full round in the cage, the entirety of which you where getting battered. 

    • Shiro86

       Watch JDI’s account of his mma fight on youtube for the truth! This idiot
      hasn’t a clue about mma. He’s a pro fighter!! Its not misleading, only to a
      idiot like you!

      • Chris

        I’ve seen the ‘fight’. He got a beating and offered nothing in return. 

  • Maurice

    I never heard of this website before someone told me about this article, I like it and look forward to following Jay on here! He comes across as a nice guy and who wouldn’t want to know Cameron Diaz? More Jay Darrell Ingleton please celebzter.com

    • Karl A1111

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! yes jay, i love it. As an avid follower of your ramblings, this is textbook you.
      Complete stranger looking forward to followibng a non-entity: check
      Said stranger thinking you come across as a “nice guy” while anyone else would think you come across as a complete pervert (squats anyone?): check
      Said stranger going along with the claim that you “know” Diaz after saying hello once: check.
      Thank you Jay, you fucking wierd little man- you are just as entertaining as barrymore- AWWWRIGHT!

      • Shiro86

         If thats not a stalker freak I don’t know what is! You spend a lot
        of time in your mommy’s house.

  • Lee1989

    Great article! Good to see someone sticking up for Cameron.

    • Karl A1111

      Hi Jay….

      • Shiro86

         Man your very weird! You dream about Jay don’t you? You think
        about him all the time don’t you?

        • Jay Pasquale

          What a deluded poison dwarf.  The ramblings of a potential stalker with worryingly perverted tendencies.

  • Sharon

    I would of loved to have been a fly on the wall when those two met.

  • Lisa

    I enjoyed reading this.

  • Originalbigwilly

     Jay Darrell Ingleton  -  London-based Group Fitness Instructor
                                        Personal Trainer
                                        Pro Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

    LOLS!  “Pro Mixed Martial Arts Fighter”

    • Shiro86

       There are some idiots in this world!

  • Jownny

    JDI you are the greatest. Followed your work for a few years now. Like a mini mr motivator but more motivated. Unlucky with your fight! You would beat most ufc fighters. Just not your day that day. Please release more videos & articles. JDI=GOAT. 

    (Now on a side note:all of what I have written is bollocks. But if you can do it JDI so can I.)

    • Shiro86

       What are you like 7 years old or something?

  • Shiro86

    Whats up with the haters on here? I saw this on my facebook, this is a great
    article! Jay,bro keep doing your thing! Ignore the jealous losers trolls on here..
    Your name and face is in the lights now son, your going get a few cockroaches
    trying to get in on your act. You the man don’t forget that! Hell Chuck Norris
    said that. And to the trolls on here if JDI was lying I’m sure someone’s pr team
    would come down like a brick wall on him! Looking forward to watching this
    brother rise up.

  • tomtom

    JDI is a mong who spends his time name dropping and making up stories. chuck norris gave you a nickname jay! really? people know have no knowledge of jays background won’t understand and may be fooled at first. but there’s a lot of people on here who know just what he’s like through past experiences in certain forums. the blokes a nut. bumps into diaz once and calls her his mate Cam. he’s tried to ride the coattails of many a celeb in the past to try and get his face out there and hog some fame and fortune. ask sophie anderton….

  • CameronDiaz

    Jay Darrell Ingleton tried to fingerbang my bootyhole while i was performing deep hindu squats. I reported him to the police.

  • Cameron Diaz

    Also FYI his attempt to fingerbang my bootyhole as i was performing perfect technique deep hindu squats, was the first time i have ever seen this retarded midget ‘man’ if he can be called a man. He appeared in the ladies bathroom as i was taking a number 2 and he was trying to sniff my toilet seat and lick my toes. Woman should avoid him like a voilent dose of herpes.

  • CameronDiaz

    Jay Darrell Ingleton does not know me.

  • CameronDiaz

    JDI is a complete bum bandit

  • JohnnyBoy

    Il fukin ruck his face off, cum down jollys and ill Knock you out JDI

  • JDI

    I am a sad, illiterate loser

  • ChuckNorris

    I never met JDI and certainly never nicknamed him ‘the awesome kicking machine’

  • ChuckNorris

    From the YT videos i have seen, JDI is a pathetic attempt at being a real martial artist

  • StevenSeagal

    Even i could not teach this ASS CLOWN to be better

  • JDI

    I love trannies

  • GeorgesSaintPierre

    I saw his attempt at a fight and at training, I am not impressed by his performance or lies

  • DanaWhite

    This little boy JDI is an embarrassment to my organisation

  • Jonelle

    สวัสดี Jay งานเขียนที่ดีคนแคระที่ชื่นชอบ เมื่อคุณมาเยี่ยมผมอีกครั้งหรือไม่ ฉันมีการดำเนินการเต็มรูปแบบในขณะนี้ ฉันตอนนี้ผู้หญิงคนหนึ่ง คุณจำเวลาที่ฉันและเธอและน้องสาวของฉันเธอตอนนี้ผสมของชายและหญิงมากเกินไป เมื่อคุณกลับมาประเทศไทยหรือไม่? เรารอคุณเปลือยกายและน้ำมันสำหรับคุณ ชอบผู้หญิงคนป่า จอนนี่ / Janelle โชค

  • TheUnFitOne

    Do you think you could keep a physique like Camerons and still it Pizza that has a crust stuffed with a Hot-Dog ?

  • Sophie Anderton

    Glad you’re getting famous Jay, fancy a line or two some time soon?

    • tomtom

       or was that only Sophies problem?

  • Jonotway

    So where the fuck are all the pics of you and your “mate” then Jay you delusional little dick sniffer?

  • Donni_las

    Damn he really reminds me of someone i once knew, typical uneducated out of shape fool who thinks hes the hardest man in town lol! oh and not to forget the malnourished european whore he shipped from overseas, classic!!

    he probably sits on dating sites looking for 13 year olds too.. hahahah 

  • Cheryl_Cole

    Howay Jay, you seem like a canny contact to have when I’m doon south, like. Can I be assured of confidentiality? Which other celebs have you ‘trained’ & when did Chuck Norris see you in action & tell you himself you were a canny kicker like? Or have you never met him like? As a celeb my nightmare scenario would be to be in the hotel gym when some speccy gimp stands in my way, staring at me incapable of speech, forcing me to say hello outa courtesy like to stop things getting too awkward, and then he spends the next half hour drooling, staring at my booty whilst I’m squatting. Even better if freak boi then goes on the internet making out he knows me ‘personally’ & discusses the whole uncomfortable experience & my body in a lecherous way, like some kind of stalker desperate to name drop. Luckily that’s not what you’re like…

    • http://www.celebzter.com Melissa

      is this the REAL cheryl?

  • Raven Schmidt

    She looks amazing. Her stylist just needs some practice working with her athletic pysique. As an athlete it has taken me a LOT of trial and error (more error than anything) to figure out what necklines/ shoulder cuts look best on my toned shoulders(both for everyday clothes and competition leotards).

    That blue top with for example would do wonders to improve the apearance of tone for a girl with weak/thin arms however just makes ladies like Cameron and I look bulky. I would keep the colour for her skin/hair/eyes but tottaly change the design. Perhaps a one shoulder look or long sleeves with bare shoulders.  

  • Lisa Bee

    I think Cameron looks great, nice positive article. There is nothing wrong with a woman being fit and athletic be her famous or not.

  • Ninat

    Great read, I like Cameron Dias she is my fav actress.

  • Tracey Linn

    Wow I enjoyed that, thanks for sticking up for fit women!

  • Skyblue

    I like this article.

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