Exclusive! Hollywood PI Paul Barresi reveals all about Tom Cruise, those persistent gay rumors, the love of the actor’s life, and the truth about his relationship with Katie Holmes

Celebrities / July 27, 2012

Ever since Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise on June 29, rumors have been flying left right and center.

It was a contract marriage that ran its course, was the general observation and lamenting among the social media. The other explanation? Those persistent rumors about Cruise’s sexuality.

Cruise has long, long been dogged by gossip that despite the macho image he portrays on the big screen, that secretly, he is hiding in the closet.

And his over-the-top PDA with Holmes ironically helped to fuel those rumors because the public in general, was never truly sold on them as a couple.

So what, amongst this wave of information about the couple’s split, is actually accurate?

Paul Barresi is a Hollywood PI assigned to look into Cruise years ago, being paid by his lawyer Burt Fields  to, as he says to “put out fire for Cruise concerning  accusers alleging he had sexual relations with the actor” after numerous so-called gay lovers came forward .

To this day, based on countless firsthand interviews and by gathering his own intelligence, Barresi insists Cruise, is in fact, straight. 

When we asked Barresi about his findings, he said categorically, “Tom is not gay.  In fact, I dispelled that rumor a while ago— reported exclusively in In Touch…And there has not been one gay accusation since.”

When asked how he knows this information to be correct, Barresi continued: “There have been several accusers who have alleged they had sexual relations with Cruise. I confronted each and every one of them and found them to be liars.”
And those rumors about Cruise’s sexuality stem, he says from “vicious gay men and former Scientologists out to smear him.”

Barresi began working as a private investigator in 1993, when he was signed on by Anthony Pellicano on the 1993 Jordy Chandler vs Michael Jackson matter.

Throughout his career, he has been assigned to work on cases that pertain to  dozens of A -list celebrities including Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Cruise, Eddie Murphy and Paris Hilton. 
Cruise has long been a fasnication for the public, now more so in light of his divorce from Holmes.
When we asked Barresi why he thinks the marriage fell apart, he revealed, “I think Katie may have hoped to further her career and found that like Kelly Preston after marrying Travolta, she went nowhere.”
And what of those endless rumors about it being a contract marriage? Barresi insists that was not the case, but states the sole reasoning behind Cruise’s marrying her was his desire to have a baby of his own.

“Katie was young, ripe and fertile, ” he explains. She was a perfect candidate for procreation, leaving nothing to chance. Katie had her eye on becoming an A-list actress. 

He continues: “She didn’t know what hit her. Her good judgement was blurred. She didn’t listen to her family. She walked away from her Catholic faith. But she got it all back and in the end, evidently, she had the last laugh.”

One thing that has always struck us is the fact that when Tom Cruise was with Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman, there seemed to be some difficulty in the women conceiving, but after their respective marriages ended and they moved on, they both went on to have children of their own.

So, the obvious question is, is Suri some “miracle baby”? We posed this question to Barresi  and his answer was rather surprising.

“Mimi Rogers married Tom Cruise, not to have kids, but to indoctrinate him into Scientology,” he explains. “She succeeded. Soon after Cruise married Kidman, she had a miscarriage. The trauma she suffered after losing the baby and immense pressure she and Cruise endured from adoring fans and especially from the Church of Scientology to start a family, made it even more difficult for Nicole to get pregnant.  

He continues: “The filming of the movie Far and Away took a physical toll on Cruise and Nicole. Around the time of the movie’s release in 1992, fellow Scientologist and Tom’s best friend Kirstie Alley, at the behest of Scientology, encouraged Cruise to adopt.  I’m not sure if  this has ever been reported but it’s in my files and I have it from an impeccable source that Kirstie was instrumental in Cruise’s and Nicole’s decision to adopt.

Barresi goes on to reveal that Kidman, was in fact, the one that won Cruise’s heart. 

“Nicole was his only true love and who he considered his true equal. he says.”What tore them apart was Scientology.  In the end, he chose the cult over her.”

And what of a future Mrs. Cruise and the reports that he may this time seek someone within the Scientology ranks?

“Tom has a huge ego,” Barresi says. “The challenge for him to convert a devout Catholic (which he once was) into Scientology was a big rush– a motivating force for Cruise when he asked Nicole and Katie for his hand in marriage. But his former wives, each devout Catholic, would not relent. For Cruise to play it safe, for lack of a better term, as did Travolta, when he married cult member Kelly Preston, would not be characteristic of the Cruise’s style. T. C. thrives on the daring.

“He lives for the challenge. For him to marry a Scientologist would be like throwing in the towel.  So I disagree with the consensus. His first wife Mimi was a Scientologist and the marriage lasted for a much lesser period of time than his marriage to the non Scientologists. Cruise will fair better marrying a non Scientologist who he can manipulate, mold and possibly convert rather than a devout Scientologist set in her ways.”

So what is behind Cruise’s ego? Is it his vast wealth and immense fame?

Not quite, says Barresi, who has another thought process on what is behind his desire to do everything over-the-top.

“Tom Cruise suffers from Napoleon complex,” he explains. “His whole adult life he’s struggled with being short, in the same way that a balding man struggles with  losing his hair. Consequently, he has compensated for his shortcomings by having created a dare-devil image of himself. For example, he flys a plane. He rides a motorcycle and he does his own stunts. Before Mimi Rogers married Cruise, she was married to Jim Rogers, a man over 6′ 6″ tall. She went from the Jolly Green Giant to having Tom Thumb in bed.”

Here is a copy of a check Barresi received from Burt Fields, Tom Cruise’s lawyer to put out fire  for Cruise concerning an accuser alleging he had sexual relations with Cruise.

Barresi is currently in a pilot being shot for reality TV titled HOLLYWOOD DICK.  It is about his PI work in the underbelly of Hollywood.


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Interesting…but it’s all pretty much common knowledge.

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