Exclusive Photo and Interview with Debbie Gibson on how to get a bikini-ready body

Celebrities / Fashion & Beauty / April 13, 2012

It’s hard to believe that Debbie Gibson is 41. The pop star and former Celebrity Apprentice contestant has the body of a woman half her age in this exclusive snap.

Toned, taut and terrific, Debbie is sharing her secrets on how to get a bikini-body to die for, and she also opens up about Hollywood’s obsession with plastic surgery.

Here is our interview with her…

Celebzter: How many times do you workout?

Debbie: I have worked out so much throughout my life that now I mainly watch what I eat and maybe once or twice a week I do yoga or a dance class!

Celebzter: What does your workout entail? 

Debbie: If I am preparing for a tour it is about stamina so it is more cardio and Pilates and yoga. For toning I do some light weights. These days however, I just do what feels right. No two days are alike. Sometimes I may do yoga and dance for 3 hours, other days it is a simple bicycle ride!

Celebzter: Do you follow a diet?

Debbie: I mainly eat protein and vegetables especially when I want to lean out! But I have bits of starches and sugars in moderation. I follow my boyfriend Dr. Rutledge’s plan BTL which is mainly lean proteins and healthy fats!

Celebzter: What do you avoid? 

Debbie: Processed foods are the worst for sure! Whole cooked foods agree with me most   I could live on eggs! WITH the yolk where all the flavor and nutrients are! When singing I cut back on coffee, nuts, inflammatory and acidic foods

Celebzter: What is your weakness in terms of food? 

Debbie: Chocolate, sweet potato fries – though they are not that bad for you, and Kettle Buffalo Blue Potato Chips – I cannot have an open bag of those around me!

Celebzter: What is your secret to looking so fab? 

Debbie: Happiness and awareness! I am not rigid with my eating. But, as of late I am aware that certain foods may have certain repercussions and I know that – for instance – if I want to maintain a certain weight or am preparing to be on camera, if I gain more than 2 lbs in a day, the next day I fast until dinner and then eat a piece of steak and salad. It resets your weight instantly having a protein load and salad. Amazing!

At certain times in my life I have trained with Stephen Bauer who does a lot of cardio interval training and mixes things up by swimming, playing tennis and doing drills on the tennis court, running stadium stairs as well as weight training and core work. I have also done classes at Tracey Anderson and travel with her DVD’s on occasion as well as Mark Blanchard’s Power Yoga DVD’s

So, now when I say I don’t work out a lot it is because I have done so much in the past that my body maintains the toning with very low impact workouts and good eating!”

Celebzter: Would you ever consider going under the knife? Where do you stand with regards to Hollywood’s obsession with plastic surgery and trying to stay young?

Debbie: I never say never to anything, though being that I was the only girl in my high school not to have a nose job, I doubt I will! If you take care of yourself with nutrition and from the inside out you will age in reverse! We SHOULD be getting BETTER with age if we are aware and evolving! The BTL plan is a lipo alternative because it reshapes your body without surgery. I would much prefer to shape my body with natural components as opposed to risky surgery. The problem with surgery, especially for body shaping, is it doesn’t address how you got there in the first place!

 You can catch Debbie here at Dee Snider’s Jam for Autism benefit  on April 19th at 8pm.

And she is hosting her Gibson Girl Foundation 2012 Gala on May 21st.

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on April 13, 2012

I totally agree about unprocessed food and a low carb diet high in healthy fats and veggies being the way to go. I weigh the same now as I did at 18, and actually feel like I’m getting in BETTER shape over time since I’ve made some major dietary changes! The standard American diet is honestly killing people, sadly. You really have to go against the social norms to stay healthy.

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