Expert Opinion: Nick Stahl needs to “get to the root issues of his addiction” if he ever wants to get clean

Celebrities / May 22, 2012

He seemingly vanished, leaving his wife fraught with worry over his wellbeing. So much so, in fact, that Rose Stahl filed a missing person’s report, stating she hadn’t seen nor heard from her husband Nick since May 9.

However, it emerged over the weekend that the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines star had checked into a 30-day rehab program at an undisclosed facility to overcome the worst addiction cycle of his life.

Upon hearing the news, Rose, who has a daughter with Stahl, told People. “Now that he is safe, it’s time to focus back on healing. gotta lotta hope…’How dark it is before the dawn.’ I’ve chanted that a lot in my head. I find comfort in it.”

She also wrote about her anguish over his disappearance and his ongoing addiction problems.

“Though I cannot stand any and every minute of this, I have to find a silver lining, and just maybe, someone else suffering will be able to think, or understand that this is not in every case a moral issue,” she wrote in a blog post. “That addiction does not care who you are, how talented, how famous. How good. And most importantly, that there is a solution. And it’s simple. Almost too simple.”

“Sometimes a tormented soul such as Nick’s, at times myself included, cannot grasp that the solution is so basic,” she added.

Rose also told TMZ that she plans on meeting Stahl as often as possible and is not considering divorce.

We had to wonder what sort of man leaves his wife and child behind without even getting in contact to assure them that he is alive and well, and what depths his addiction had reached that eventually led him to check into rehab.

We consulted Richard Taite, President and CEO of Cliffside Malibu, to get his take on Nick Stahl’s current addiction woes, and what hope he has of beating them.

Here is our interview with him…

Celebzter:  Nick Stahl went M.I.A for some five days last week, is this typical of someone who might have fallen off the wagon?

Richard: Yes, it is typical in an extreme case.

Celebzter: He has a wife and a child, yet he failed to even contact her when he went missing, forcing her to report his absence to police? What does this sort of circumstances tell you about his situation?

Richard: When an addict gets high, they don’t care about or think about anything except their next drink or drug. Nothing is as important as the high. Your wife, your children, everything you hold dear to you becomes secondary.

Your only goal is to get high.

Celebzter: What do you suspect happened to Nick in those days he went missing?

Richard: It’s really hard to say what happened during those five days, but it was enough for him to end up in rehab.

Celebzter: He has now checked into rehab…could this be a case of hitting rock bottom?

Richard: Rock bottom means different things to different people, but let’s just say that nobody checks into rehab on a winning streak.

Celebzter: What would he be going through right now?

Richard: It depends entirely on the treatment center he is at. Hopefully he is getting top-notch care where he is finally dealing with the underlying issues which caused him to drink or use addictively in the first place.

Celebzter: Clearly seeking help is the right decision, but what do you think prompted it?

Richard: Perhaps he had a moment of clarity where he realized that he was creating too much wreckage in his life and causing damage in his relationships with his wife and child. On the other hand, if I was gone for five days on a drug run without calling and I had a wife and child, my wife would probably tell me, as a condition of coming home and being with my family, to go to rehab and get right or pack my things. If that’s what happened to him, he has a smart wife.

Celebzter: How will this help solve any martial woes he has?

Richard: Well, if I’m right about the question above, it’s already helped.

Individual therapy sessions with a top therapist during AND after rehab will give him the best chance for repairing damaged relationships.

Celebzter: What are the most important things Nick needs to concentrate in right now?

Richard: For his best chance at recovery he needs to get to the root issues of his addiction, focus on giving himself the proper amount of time to fully heal, and to allow the process of change to really take hold.

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