Matt has some new news on his 2012 Artists to Watch

Columnists / Music / January 19, 2012
Music critic, Matthew Cheadle writes about some new developments with two of his  2012 Artists to Watch.


Alternative rockers, Kav and his band of Blaggers have just released the video to their new single ‘Blaggers and Liars’.
Check it out here: [yframe url=’’]
The single itself, recorded and mixed in LA, will be out on March 26th, followed by a second single in May and an album in June.
Lana Del Ray

Also, singer Lana Del Rey has been in the news lately following her less than stellar performance on SNL last week.
The sultry chanteuse sang ‘Video Games’ and ‘Blue Jeans’ live on the revered TV show, and her lacklustre and amateurish performance left the critics howling and many questioning her credibility.

Del Rey, however, seems unfazed by the furore, saying that she finds singing on TV shows “weird…sometimes”.
She went on to add, “If I have other things to think about, or I’m trying to get things done for somebody else, and I’m not in my own way, then… I’m like, ‘This doesn’t really matter’. Sometimes it seems more important to me than other times, I don’t know.”

This laid back attitude may not, however, win her too many friends at network TV, but she remains philosophical,
 “Things are cool. They always will be, whether the music goes good or not. Like, I consider being able to sing a luxury, it doesn’t run my life, is not my main focus. I love it, I feel grateful. I’m honored to be on ‘SNL.’ I’m happy to be here, but if I didn’t have it, I’d be happy too.”
To a certain degree this is a refreshing change to the career hungry divas we’ve been exposed to in recent years.

At least she was singing live….remember Ashlee Simpson….?

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