Music with Matt: The Boss is back!

Columnists / Music / March 13, 2012

By Matthew Cheadle

Bruce Springsteen hit the UK number one spot on Sunday for the ninth time with his new album “Wrecking Ball”.

The 62-year-old, nicknamed “The Boss,” first topped the UK album charts more than twenty years ago, with the global hit ‘Born in the U.S.A.’

Springsteen’s latest release mixes his familiar anthemic rock with folk, Celtic music, and even rap influences. With titles such as ‘Shackled and Drawn’, ‘Death to my Hometown’, and ‘This Depression’, the album has a darkness and anger about it reflecting an America disenchanted with economic hardship and the struggle of the working man.

There are plenty of uplifting moments, however, with the driving rhythm of the opener ‘We take care of our own’, and a classic slice of Springsteen in ‘Land of Hope and Dreams’.

‘You’ve got it’, has a bluesy, beery, bar-room swagger to it, and on the deluxe edition, the closing track, ’American Land’, is a wonderful dollop of up tempo Irishness, reminiscent of The Pogues, that’ll get your feet-a- tapping!

From one working class hero to another on the subject of hard work, former Oasis man, Noel Gallagher spoke to CNN recently about his love of being in the music industry, saying that “it was the greatest thing that could ever be bestowed on a human being”.

He went on to say, ”it’s hard work, but work’s great…and in the music business it gets you in to the good kind of trouble.”

Gallagher’s hard work has paid off, as his new album ‘Noel Gallagher’s High flying Birds’ has gone double platinum and the tour has been more successful than anticipated. Lack of major US success still bemuses him, however, jokingly calling the Americans “stubborn fools” with “no taste”. And on the subject of American disenchantment, he says in reference to this year’s US Presidential election,

“If Obama loses to that other bunch, then good lord…I will stand”.

On a final note, just a quick up date on some of my “one’s to watch in 2012”.

The Civil Wars, have landed this week’s Billboard Magazine’s cover and cover story, talking about their humble beginnings, Grammy awards, collaborating with Taylor Swift, and recording songs for the much-anticipated ‘Hunger Games’ movie.

Brit award winner Lana Del Rey, has been added to the line up for this year’s Isle of Wight festival, playing the Big Top on Friday 22nd June. It’ll be interesting to see how she fairs with the intimidating huge stages and even huger crowds.

And finally, Brit rockers Kav and his band of Blaggers are starting to make big noises in the UK, with a series of blistering sold out gigs and their new single “Blaggers and Liars” being pushed heavily on Q and Kerrang! radio and under scoring the footie highlights on the Sky Sports channel for some of their Premiership matches.

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Melissa Myers
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