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He's the budget-friendly Prince: William pictured flying economy on cheap airline

He may be a prince, but William does have moments when he is much like us normal folk who were not born into a blue blood lineage. Case in point? The second...

By Melissa / July 3, 2015

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The Star's Malibu Beachhouse

For the 2014 Fourth of July, Mario Lopez and wife, Courtney Lopez, and adorable children, Gia ( 5 years old), and Nico (1 and half) hung out at the Kia in Malibu...

By Evan / July 5, 2015

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Editor's Daily Pick: Timeless and beautiful, the Rose Gold Eternity Necklace reminds us that 'Love' is all you need

Last week #LoveWins was the dominant topic, but let's face it, love always wins. Robert Matthew has gorgeous jewelry pieces to give your wardrobe an instant...

By Melissa / July 3, 2015