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The Facts and Figures: Are America’s prisons the new mental hospitals?

America’s Shameful Past By 2012, there were 10X as many mentally ill individuals in jail or prison than in mental hospitals • Jailed: 365,000 • Hospitals:...

By Melissa / April 20, 2015

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Inside Olivia Wilde's celebratory dinner with hunky hubby Jason Sudeikis

Following her Meadowland Movie Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, Olivia Wilde, joined by husband Jason Sudeikis and a group of friends, celebrated at NYC's...

By Melissa / April 20, 2015

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LucidBrake : Will Keep You Alive

  What is it? LucidBrake  is a motion-sensing, press-on bicycle brake light which blinks when you're moving and turns solid when you stop (just like a car's...

By Evan / April 20, 2015