Profiling a musical talent that will inspire you all: Jared Ryan Shaw

Music / March 10, 2012

Jared Ryan  Shaw is already catching the attention of Jason Fisher, who worked with Lady Gaga, and has shot his latest video.

Not only does he have good looks, talent and charm, but there’s also a touching story about battling against the odds: He is a survivor of open-heart Surgery at the age of 19.

Through his music, he explores the truths and inconsistencies of love and relationships. His debut album Coffee & Chronic Vol.1 will be released in Spring of 2012.

Here’s our interview with him…

Celebzter: How did you get into music?  

Jared:I’ve always found myself performing for friends in family since a very young age. I would listen to “Parents Just Don’t Understand” by Will Smith and rap the song to my parents. As I grew up, I found myself writing poems which eventually led to song lyrics.

Celebzter: How would you describe your sound?

Jared:I like to think of my sound as floetry because it blends a few different genres including hip-hop, R&B, rap and pop.  I think about Russel Simmons, how he basically became the godfather of hip-hop with Deaf Poetry. I think there is something for everyone in my works and style.

Celebzter: Who & what inspires you?

Jared: Without a doubt it is Sean Carter “Jay-Z”. I have repped his music hard since I can remember. I feel like he changed the way hip-hop was looked at and reformulated it in a positive light. Also, women inspire me. Seriously! A gorgeous woman can always bring out some lyrics.

Celebzter:  What was the thought process behind Mr. All the Wrong Ones?

Jared: The song itself is really about all the wrong ones we come across in our lives. It seemed to make sense to film in an old romantic setting which is why we chose Hemmingways. The book cases and old typewriter added a cinematic charm to the video. The Director, Jason Fisher came up with an amazing story line, setting and delivered a great video in my eyes.

Celebzter: Jason Fisher, who worked with Gaga, shot your video… was it an honor to be working with him? Did he give you any pointers about how to survive the music business? And did he share with you any stories about Gaga?

Jared: It was an amazing opportunity to work with Jason. The week we began shooting, Jason found out he had to move to NY the very next week. So timing was everything! Jason gave me some great pointers about exerting confidence and comfortableness in front of the camera. As for Gaga, you know, what’s shared behind the scenes, stays behind the scenes ;)

Celebzter: Is it uncomfortable doing those sexy scenes?

Jared: At first, yes. Then you redo the scenes over and over to where it becomes very natural. Obviously I was on a strict diet and exercise weeks prior knowing I would get down to my boxers in front of so many people. I will thank yoga, boxing and running for keeping me comfortable though!

Celebzter: Which musicians’ career would you most like to aspire to?

Jared: Again, it would definitely be Jay-Z.

Celebzter: An lastly, what’s next for you?

Jared: I am currently working on finishing my first album, “Coffee & Chronic” and this requires endless amounts of time in the studio. I’m also working on another music video and planning the creative for that.  Of course, all of my updates will be on Twitter so you can follow me at @JaredRyanShaw and my website

Watch Jared’s clip here….

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on March 10, 2012

I like it; he’s definitely one to watch!

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