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Deanna Lee Douglas was raised in Arizona. By all rights, Deanna was supposed to be a doctor, at least if family tradition had anything to do with it. But, while her three siblings pursued careers in the medical field, the youngest of four fell in love with the arts.

It was not a rebellious streak, which drew her to the stage, but a sense of “rightness” and a rendezvous with destiny. When she danced, it felt like home. It was the movement, the grace, and the sheer joy of creating, and it translated into excellence.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Deanna got to work and her credits already include “Heroes”, “Dollhouse” and “Awake”.

Up next: A role in the feature filmThe A-List.

When she’s not on set, she lends her time and talent to a number of worthy causes including animal rescue, and after-school programs for boys and girls.

CelebZter: When did you decide to make the move to Hollywood?

Deanna: In 2008, my mom and I moved out here full-time (my father part-time).

CelebZter:  It seems like you landed on your feet relatively quick?

Deanna:: It was one of those ‘everything falls into place thing’ regarding timing and commitments. However, I have been putting in my time at auditions and think I have traveled at more of a steady incline.

CelebZzter: How excited are you about your upcoming film, The A-List?

Deanna: I am ecstatic about The A-List! Filming was like summer camp, and this is my first romantic lead. Will Bigham is a fantastic director. And the rest of the cast is extremely talented; I thoroughly enjoyed watching their scenes. Just can’t wait to share it with everyone.

CelebZter: Is the character you play in the film sort of like how you are in real life?

Deanna:Yes, April Adamson and I definitely have some similarities. We are both passionate about school and never really got caught up in the popularity cliques of high school. She’s a cheerleader and I danced. Although she is more of a girly-girl than I am in real life; so it was fun to wear spring dresses and rock something other than a pony-tail.

CelebZter: Do you feel the pressure to be thin and beautiful in Hollywood like so many others do?

Deanna: Absolutely. I frequently have to remind myself that everyone is built a little different, and there are roles for girls with a healthy athletic frame. I used to only want to be skinny, to fit in or look good on camera. Now I strive to be the best version of me, happy and healthy. If someone doesn’t cast me because my frame isn’t what they want, then there’s always another project. As for fashion and beauty, I have a couple tutors and am loving it.

CelebZter: What fitness activities do you do regularly?

Deanna: I am a crossfit junkie. So lots of Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and other functional movements. Actually, I have three competitions coming up this summer and am super excited! I’m also increasing my outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and surfing (aka working on my tan).

CelebZter: What advice would you give to other young aspiring actresses thinking of moving to Tinseltown?

Deanna: You haven’t failed until you give up. If you never give up, you can’t fail. You determine your own success and you are going to have to fight for it. Believe in yourself.

CelebZter: How do you keep yourself grounded?

Deanna: My family. If I ever got too distant or an ego my siblings would be there to snap me out of it. They are my support system. I have a lot to look up to in terms of success and dedication, they are all in the medical field or engineers and military.

CelebZter: What constitutes a perfect day for you?

Deanna: A perfect day would start early morning, I would take my dog on a walk. Then head to set of my newest film. Naturally after filming all day, I would go to the gym to get my sweat on. After setting a new PR (personal record) I would head home, cook Parmesan chicken with zucchini “spaghetti.”  Watch a classic like Rear Window or some comedy I love. And, top off my night with a few pages of another Chuck Palahniuk or John Grisham novel before bed.

CelebZter: What would be your dream role?

Deanna: Honestly, I haven’t set this one in stone yet. But, to work with Tom Hanks is definitely dream role qualified.

CelebZter: And where do you hope to be in five years time?

Deanna: I hope to be working on roles that push me in my craft and bring me to a new level. Also, to be working opposite some of my idols.


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