The amazing story of Tisha Shelton, the armless 25-year-old who is inspiring other jobless Americans

Real Life / September 28, 2012

Just like 12.7million other Americans,Tisha Shelton is unemployed and actively looking for a job. But what differentiates her from most people is that the 25-year-old has no arms.

This hasn’t stopped the graphic designer on her quest to find a job. In fact, she wants prospective employers to know that she is more than capable of performing any task, which she highlights in a series of web videos at Tisha  UnArmed. The clips have now gone viral and turned her into and internet sensation, attracting 1.5 million views on YouTube and making her a source of inspiration.

Shelton told KTVI: “If I’m gonna go on an interview they’re gonna look at me and go, ‘oh, she’s disabled, we’re gonna have to worry about this. How’s she gonna take care of the job?’  And I just wanted to ease their mind, and be like, I can do anything that you can do.”

She says she has been touched by the outpouring of positive comments and that despite the attention the videos have garnered,  her focus is still on finding work.

“My passion is graphic design and I love doing that more than anything,” she says.

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To watch all of her 14 videos,click here.


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Melissa Myers
Melissa Myers has worked as an entertainment journalist for ten years, both in London and New York. She now focuses much of her time helping bring inspiring stories to light and, additionally, her project "Makeover with Meaning," which seeks to add a sprinkle of happiness into the lives of those who need it most.

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