The shocking images of addiction: Police release new photos that show the effects of meth use

Latest News / May 2, 2012

With new government data suggesting that more than 10million Americans have used methamphetamine, the Multnomah County Sheriff department in Oregon has released these disturbing images which show the ravages of the drugs effect upon people.

These before-and-after images have been released in an effort to shock those out of trying the highly addictive drug.

In 2004, the police released their “Faces of Meth” campaign, and last year they released a series of images called “From Drugs to Mugs” .

They showed the first arrest of a drug user together with a picture taken just months later.

Meth has been commonly referred to as the poor man’s cocaine and it’s availability and its potential for abuse have made it the biggest drug threat in America.

Most law enforcement agencies don’t keep statistics on how many homicides, burglaries and thefts are meth-related, but those responding to the National Drug Intelligence Center’s 2011 survey said the drug is the top contributor to violent crimes and thefts.

“It drives more crime than other drugs do. Meth is in its own category, because it’s so much more addictive than other drugs,” said Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims.

Ed’s note: The reason we chose to show only the women out of the released images, is because we are a female-orientated site and wanted to showcase the horrific effects this drug has upon women out there. If you know anyone battling with meth addiction, click here


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