June 2021


2021 does not seem to get any better with the current pandemic situation, but people are adapting to the new situations to stay strong and maintain their lifestyle. The fashion industry saw a decline during the 2020 pandemic as people were not going out shopping. However, we can see the fashion industry once again bringing back new ideas to the market that will set new trends for 2021 and the coming years. Fashion designers are anticipating the competition in the market when the consumers once again begin shopping, looking for new trends. Here are the fashion trends that we will get to see in the coming years.

Face masks

Face masks

Needless to say, facemasks will become a norm even after the pandemic gets over. People are getting used to facing masks and are trying out different designs to look good while wearing them. Fashion brands are launching their own range of face masks for their customers. People will protect themselves even more beautiful. Even though there are different fabrics and designs available in the market, black face masks the still the most stylish choice for consumers.

Oversized shoulder pad boyfriend jackets

In the early 80s, wearing oversized jackets and blazers of boyfriends was a trend. Recently the trend has been brought back where the fashion designers are launching a range of such large-sized jackets for women. The style is expected to grow in 2021. Leather shorts and straight-leg trousers are the most complimented lowers that this trend will suit.

Head scarfs

Head scarfs will also become common after a long break from the 50s and 60s. Due to the rising heat, more consumers will be looking for fashionable head scards to protect their skin from the sun. Most head scarfs can suit any style. However, we can see many floral motifs and bold colors in the market. Block letters on the scarf can also be a trend that people will like.

Yellow bags

Yellow will be the color for 2021 that we will see in the streets more often. People will switch to yellow accessories quickly as yellow is bright and timeless. Yellow bags will become a trend due to the texture they will add to your style. Tote bags colored yellow will be in the market once again for the vibrant and monochromatic dress styles of the people. We can already find a range of yellow accessories and bags in the stores if we start exploring.


Folk inspired coats

People will start connecting back to their culture and traditions of the locals. More coats with embroidery will come into the market. These colorful coats will give a vibrant appeal to the person wearing them. Each piece can look unique and can become the favorite thing for people to wear while going outside. It is easy and comfortable to wear, even for those who have just started exploring their taste in fashion.