July 2021


Modern homes are made more aesthetically and have several elements that are meant for the sole purpose of decoration. Professional home designers can inspect a space and find unique elements and ideas that can change the overall look of the place. Every house needs a makeover once everything starts looking dull. We have assembled a list of the tips we have received from the experts in home designing. These tips are helpful for homeowners as they can plan these tasks themselves to add value to their homes.

Set the tone

Plan a tone for your house starting from your entrance door. Choose a combination of colors for your exterior, interior walls, doors, and windows to create a theme that is pleasing to the eye of the beholder. If you have an outdated door, purchase a new one. Replace the wooden windows with glass ones to bring more light to your room.

Use light paint

Some of you may like the bright colors, but the experts suggest that you use light and neutral colors for your home. Add more gray on the floors and minimize any jarring transitions. Use the same tone of color for two adjacent rooms to make your home feel more spacious. You can move a shade up and down for the gallery and switch the colors completely for special rooms.

Use light paint

Plan your furniture

Choose the right sofa, chairs, and table for your living room. The furniture you use in your space matters when you are creating a balance in your room. If the sofa is arranged in a way that takes away the feeling of interacting with others, it is not a good idea. Plan how you want your living space to look. Build furniture that makes your room look larger.

Design your kitchen

Take the help of a kitchen remodeling expert to redesign your kitchen. When you pick the right drapes, windows, and appliances for your kitchen, it will make it seem more appealing. Have wider windows in your kitchen that bring light to every corner during the day. At the same time, choose colors that will not fade due to the sunlight. Use linen and similar fabrics for your kitchen drapes.

Have a mirror in every room

This is a smart tip from one of the experts who suggests that a mirror should be present in every room. Mirrors can reflect light and make the room feel brighter. They can also make the rooms seem bigger due to the added depth. Do not keep the mirrors near the windows, or it will directly bounce back the light outside. Instead, keep it away, perpendicular to the windows that will spread the light around the room.