August 2021


If you are really bored and do not have anything to utilize in your free time, you can take up a hobby and learn something new. Men can easily put themselves on a train of thought about their life goals and purpose when they do not have anything to do. A bunch of failures in achieving goals can distract them. It can result in depression and an urge to do something right away like hopping on a plane to Bangkok and marrying a Sexy Thai woman. Hobbies can help men calm themselves and keep their minds focused on their goals. Here are ten hobbies that men can adopt in order to keep themselves busy.


You can spend time cooking for yourself. Cooking can develop discipline as you will learn how to cook a dish. Adding the right ingredients in the right quantity, cooking for a given time, and arranging the meal is a work of patience. It will also help you to treat yourself to healthy and delicious dishes every day.


You can also take up a hobby of preparing your own beer at home. You can learn the process from online tutorials and purchase your setup. When you can prepare your own beer at home, you can start experimenting with adding new flavors and essence to your beer.


You can also start learning chess if you have never played the game before. You can read books to master the techniques that will help you all rookies in early games. Since it is a brain game, you can keep improving with the knowledge you gain about the game.


Investing is a rewarding hobby that you can take up when you have a decent bank role to think of investments. You can learn about the market and study it every day to make quick profits. You can learn how to day trade or become a long-term trader to invest in major markets.


You can take up a survival course and then another one to keep learning about new ways to survive. Although this may not help you in any scenarios of your life, you can pass down your knowledge to your next generations to teach them how to protect themselves.


The best intellectual habit that you can take up today is reading. You can pick any book and plan on finishing it from start to end. Develop the habit of reading books. It will also give you new perspectives and make you more compassionate, refined, and knowledgeable.

Martial arts

Martial arts

You can also learn martial arts to develop self-defense and discipline. It will help you in real-life situations where you need to make your decisions to protect someone. Martial arts will also teach you about focus, techniques, and understanding of human nature.

Music production

Making music has become easier with the available DAWs in the market. If you think you can create some good melodies that people would want to listen to, you can start your own home studio and create your own music. You can also launch your music on several free platforms and even sell your beats to other artists as you improve.